Most important expectations
of consumers in-store:

1. Sales Associates with deep
knowledge of product range.
2. Ability to check online stocks or
other stores stocks.
3. Ability to see & order extended range
of products on screen in-store.
(source: PWC, Total retail report, 2017)
at Phygital Mind, we help you bridge the gap between your customers expectations and satisfaction levels.
  • We digitalize the entire in-store shopper experience maximizing, growth, profitability and customer engagement while empowering your front line sales force and your HQ.
  • We connect the physical store with the digital world and create an impressive phygital experience.

Unify Your Commerce

Connecting all your data on a unified middleware, empowering your omnichannel
Unify Your Commerce

Digital Transformation

Introducing transforming technologies to physical spaces
Digital Transformation

Enhance Customer Experience

Meeting customer’s digital habits and expectations with  tested user interfaces
Enhance Customer Experience

Increase Growth and Profitability

Improving sales with digitized in-store data and optimized sales funnels
Increase Growth and Profitability

Connected Commerce
for Omnichannel

We believe that true omnichannel experience lies in the unification of all commerce sources. Connecting all sources on a unified platform and exposing them meaningfully into interfaces of in-store apps,
consumer apps, websites, kiosks, service applications, Phygital Mind provides a holistic experience at all physical and digital customer touch points.

Digital Transformation
is Increase in Efficiency

Phygital Mind is your brand advocate in understanding and pinpointing phases and processes to transform. We coordinate with your teams to understand and serve to the best interest of your brand in terms of digitizing
your customer and in-store processes. We, at Phygital Mind, make sure to set clear goals to increase the efficiency of your brand’s all retail in-store elements such as your physical space, sales staff and payment modules.

Customer Experience
and UI Revolution in Retail

We bring in the most effective trends in the UI world to stores thus giving your customers the feeling of being in the presence of one the most tech savvy
and most customer friendly brands. Combine that with in store digital experience, we take pride for our brands delivering the extraordinary customer experience.

Growth and Profitability
with In-store Technologies

We position ourselves as a data collector and optimizer. We get digital data from physical spaces and utilize it to contribute to sales.The main question we ask our ourselves at Phygital Mind is how our products will contribute to sales
conversion. With that question embedded at the core of the product development process, we value data more than anything, combine it with seamless customer experience and convert it to good old sales.
Connected Commerce for Omnichannel
Digital Transformation is Increase in Efficiency
Customer Experience and UI Revolution in Retail
Growth and Profitability with In-store Technologies