we offer solutions to in-store problems,
we digitize the customer journey utilizing the physical assets.


We are committed to digitally transforming brick and mortar with our innovative technologies.

Our team has the outmost motivation to make retail spaces smarter with agility, flexibility and speed ingrained in our DNA.
We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service to our clients who have the mission to deliver excellent customer service to next generation digital shoppers. We communicate openly with our customers, and do what it takes to transform qualitative data into meaningful quantitative results.
  • Turgut Yazıcı

    Turgut Yazıcı Founder & CEO

  • Mehmet Çağrı Göncü

    Mehmet Çağrı Göncü Co-Founder, Software Development

  • Alaattin Turyan

    Alaattin Turyan Co-Founder, Product Management

  • Aslı Kubilay

    Aslı Kubilay Co-Founder, Marketing

  • Mete Varas

    Mete Varas Co-Founder, Strategy & Partnerships

  • Taygun Kurtuluş

    Taygun Kurtuluş Creative Director

  • Uğur Çoban

    Uğur Çoban Office Administrator

  • Kerem Özcan

    Kerem Özcan Software Developer

  • Fatih Eker

    Fatih Eker Sr. Software Developer