Shopiconnect is Your Smart
Retail Dashboard


Get to know your

Shopiconnect is your smart data and content dashboard especially designed for business teams located at HQ.

Detailed in-store data empowers marketing and sales departments in their decision making processes while they can control content and branding and monitor usage.
With Shopiconnect, all the interactions in the store will be delivered to your head quarters as customer analytics.

This way, you will be able to optimize sales through a better understanding of your physical stores.


Customize brand your user interface
Advanced analytics dashboard in Shopiconnect plays a vital role in learning about shopper preferences, allowing retailers to improve and personalize their in-store customer experience.

Shopiconnect collects data about customer behaviour from customer facing UIs (such Shopisign or Shopiassist) and turns it into meaningful analytics allowing brand managers to create relevant marketing and retargeting strategies.
Data Analytics


Manage Your Content
In the sleek administration portal you have everything under control;

Products, Orders, Payments, Inventory, Discounts, and much more.

You can also add or delete items, change photos, videos, or product info if needed.
Manage Your Content


Manage multiple stores,
multiple screens from a single center
Shopiconnect lets you monitor usage and status of your in-store platforms from your desktop, phone wherever you are having your access.

You’ll be notified instantly if any of the devices are down and or is not updated properly and also have the tools to intervene if necessary.


Customize your user interface with your brand identity
Shopiconnect provides you various options for editing the display elements of the customer facing interfaces.

You can alter the look and feel of user interfaces with your brand identity elements and make sure your brand is properly represented in your store.
Appearance Editor