Shopisign is Your Digital
In-store Catalog

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Digital In-store

Shopisign enables you to display your entire inventory without the need of having the actual items in-store.

It enhances the shopper experience with indispensable features of the digital world and empowers your sales associates with the opportunity to explain detailed product features, check stock and sell even if the product is not in the store's physical inventory.
This gives you the opportunity to be flexible with store sizes without the need to keep all the product variation in your store at all times.

It allows your sales associates to impress and engage your customers and also lets shoppers to experience self-service shopping and check out at their preference.


Best store experience possible
Fast Browsing
Shopisign enables fast navigation with predownloaded content. It syncronizes with your systems periodically thus giving the shopper the speed of offline browsing and instant access to inventory and product info.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface shoppers can directly search and filter and get maximum info on the products and even have access to other customers' comments.
All these digital features will optimize your customers' physical search and make them find what they're looking for right away. Offline browsing with pre downloaded images provides your customers an incredible fast experience


Get to know your customers
Shopisign engages customers to touch and swipe your interactive in-store screens. It collects customer interaction and your in-store customer data and conveniently sends it to middleware to analyze and report on the smart retail dashboard.

For the first time, you will have access to browsing shoppers who may have or may have not completed purchase.
Customer Metrics


Self Check Out
Shopisign's self check out function increases sales with highly optimized "sales funnels" leading the customers to an easy check out. In fact, the entire UX is designed for an easy check out. Shopisign's flexible and secure check out options let the shopper complete check out on his mobile device.

Shopisign allows us to integrate to customized or 3rd party check out modules at your preferred point of sales and lets your customers complete purchase by sending the basket to their phones or mail addresses.
Customer check out enables you to get to know your customer by his/her preferred authentication id. Shopisign's self-checkout helps eliminate long cash lines by completing check out right there in the in the aisle.


Display your catalog as if especially
developed for your brand
Shopisign is a highly flexible platform that you can customize based on your needs. You can add and show high solution photos and videos on product pages.

It's adaptable design facilitates branding, campaign management and deploying call to action areas on the user interface.