Smart retail is here


Shoppers don’t want to deal with the nuances between different channels of their favorite brands.
Unifed Commerce approach addresses the long recognized the need for a seamless customer experience, unifying the shopping experience across the different channels.

Phygital Mind products are designed to provide a connected experience along all channels eliminating any inconsistencies across the channels – which usually leads to shopper confusion, drop-offs and loss of potential income.
Connected Commerce


Yes we are all about digitizing customer processes and enhancing shopper’s experiences, but we care as much about empowering the sales personnel.
Phygital Mind places technology in such a way that it becomes the core support in the sales associate’s life.

With Phygtial Mind technologies store associates can sell more effectively and more by having instant access to real-time product information, stock informataion, product ratings, reviews, engaging product photographs and video.


We strongly believe that a shopper should not leave the store empy handed if he comes with the intention of purchasing.
Long lines are the number one reason for shoppers to leave the store without completing the purchase and we intend to stop that with Pygital Mind check out services. We know that self servicing brands will win a lot in the competition.

Survey reveals that more than 65 percent of shoppers prefer self-service when in store.


We know how important it is to know
who your customer is.
Brands today are rightfully very motivated about getting to know their customers' behaviors and understand what they are like and what they want.

That brings us to the most important aspect of in-store transformation, converting shoppers' in-store behaviors to digital data analytics.

Phygital Mind is your in-store data aggregator, collecting shoppers' data via appropriate customer touch points and your data curator bringing it to your dashboard topping it with its relevant industry know-how.